To tint or not to tint: Orlando Window Tint Specialists discusses benefits of 3M automotive tint

Wed, 06/20/2012 - 00:56 -- admin

While the information and statistics specific to each type of film is great for helping you choose between automotive window film types, what if someone you know is on the fence about whether to tint their car at all? Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits of having your vehicle tinted.

Orlando Window Tint Specialists: Orlando’s only full line 3M dealer!

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Here at Orlando Window Tint Specialists, we’ve been working hard to find the best window film products to meet the needs of our clients. When we started in 2004, we offered Llumar window tint for their well-known name and reliability. As our customer base grew, we began researching other manufacturers and found that Huper Optik offered a great line of window film products to serve a broader range of window film needs. As the 2011 Huper Optik South East Dealer of the Year winner, we’ve learned to grow and be open to new technologies.

Orlando Window Tint Specialists introduces 3M window film for homes and businesses!

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With the summer heat creeping up on us fast here in Central Florida, we’re ready to unveil the latest innovations in window film. We’re proud to be an authorized dealer for the full line of 3M window tint, including 3M window film for your home and business.

With 3M’s residential and commercial window film lines, relief from the heat is practical and beautiful, with options for privacy all the way to a clean barely-there look. We offer three of 3M’s window film lines for your home and business.

3M Crystalline offers a sleek look and heat rejection without risking a ticket

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FREE REMOVAL on darker than legal window film… want to know more?

The number one reason people tint their car is due to heat. In Central Florida the heat makes a huge impact on how comfortable you are in your car, and window film plays a drastic role in reducing that heat.

While the sleek look of a darkly tinted car may be appealing to Central Florida drivers, tinting your car’s windows too dark can not only be a safety hazard while driving at night or in the rain, but it is also against the law. In Florida, the law pertaining to window film states that:

3M clear window film fights heat and protects your vehicle from heat and UV damage

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 00:05 -- admin

Having your car’s windows tinted is not only a relief from the heat for you, but a way of protecting your car’s interior. Over time, the sun will begin to fade and damage your seats and dashboard — allowing your leather seats to crack and pull apart at the seams, causing the back of your steering wheel to crumble when you handle it, and stressing cracks into the dashboard as it bakes in the sun. We all know the disappointment in discovering that our car’s once-beautiful trim and upholstery are faded and worn looking — not from overuse or abuse, but from the sun.