3M clear window film fights heat and protects your vehicle from heat and UV damage

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Having your car’s windows tinted is not only a relief from the heat for you, but a way of protecting your car’s interior. Over time, the sun will begin to fade and damage your seats and dashboard — allowing your leather seats to crack and pull apart at the seams, causing the back of your steering wheel to crumble when you handle it, and stressing cracks into the dashboard as it bakes in the sun. We all know the disappointment in discovering that our car’s once-beautiful trim and upholstery are faded and worn looking — not from overuse or abuse, but from the sun.

Though you may have taken the steps to protect the back of your car, what about the biggest window you have — your windshield?

Your vehicle is an investment, an extension of you. While outdated technology in traditional window films utilizes the film’s darkness level to help block heat, with 3M’s Crystalline film the heat reduction comes from the multi-layer manufacturing process. And with no metal particles, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s electronic signaling devices such as radio, cell phone reception, tire pressure sensors, and other features won’t risk interference.

With 3M’s Crystalline film, a clear windscreen can be the difference between relaxing on your daily commutes or burning your legs on the leather as you slide into your car each day. As the driver, you are the most susceptible to skin damage and heat from the windshield. A clear windscreen can:


  • fight up to 97% of the sun’s infrared heat (that’s the heat you feel on your skin outside)
  • protect your skin from 99.9% of the UV rays
  • >prevent sun damage to your dashboard and front seats
  • allow maximum visibility, even in poor weather conditions

3M’s Crystalline doesn’t stop at the windscreen — it’s a great investment for the entire car.  Crystalline 70 offers a clear natural look, a perfect solution for those who would like full visibility while driving day or night. This protective clear window film will help to eliminate the issue of clouded vision during summer rainstorms or late night drives. Whether you’d like the UV and heat protection but don’t want to darken the factory tint on your SUV or van, or you love the classic brand-new look of an untinted car, we can help you achieve your goal.

For more information, check out an article about window film from the Skin Cancer Foundation.


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