3M Crystalline offers a sleek look and heat rejection without risking a ticket

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FREE REMOVAL on darker than legal window film… want to know more?

The number one reason people tint their car is due to heat. In Central Florida the heat makes a huge impact on how comfortable you are in your car, and window film plays a drastic role in reducing that heat.

While the sleek look of a darkly tinted car may be appealing to Central Florida drivers, tinting your car’s windows too dark can not only be a safety hazard while driving at night or in the rain, but it is also against the law. In Florida, the law pertaining to window film states that:

  • Front driver and front passenger windows must allow at least 28% light in
  • All windows behind the driver must allow at least 15% light in

Often times, we hear requests for dark window film to fight the heat. And while years ago a film’s heat rejection level was often due to its darkness, today’s technology allows even clear films to make a huge difference when it comes to blocking heat from your car’s interior.

3M’s Crystalline automotive window film blocks up to 60% of the Total Solar Energy and 97% of the Infrared Heat, while still allowing 39% of light in. This film offers maximum visibility and heat protection and is legal on all passenger windows of the vehicle. 3M Crystalline also comes in a virtually clear film, 3M Crystalline 70, that blocks 50% of the heat, allowing you to see out safely and drive in comfort without changing the appearance of your car. 3M Crystalline offers a sleek look and heat rejection without risking a ticket.

We offer a full range of 3M automotive films that are a perfect solution to the Florida heat without risking a ticket. You can check out the heat rejection levels of each film side by side on our Automotive Window Film page, or stop by our showroom to get an idea of what each film can do for you.

With such leaps in window film technology, it’s important to know your options before choosing a film that is darker than legal. Not only are manufacturer-backed warranties void if you choose a film that is darker than legal, but we highly recommend keeping your car’s windows legal for safety reasons.

If you’ve received a ticket for window film that was too dark, give us a call! We are currently offering FREE REMOVAL on darker than legal windows if you bring us your ticket. Whether you’d just like to remove the window film or are looking to replace it, we can show you options that will give you great results while keeping within the legal limit. 


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