Equip Your Home with Safety & Security

Wed, 08/21/2013 - 18:39 -- admin

Home security and safety concerns

Weather experts and meteorologists say that the state of Florida is in for another active season of storms this year, and as of May of 2013, over 1,500 home burglaries have already been committed throughout Orange County in Central Florida. What could these two statements possibly have in common? Both situations leave residents stuck without something of value and the severity of each could be greatly lessened, or maybe even prevented, simply with the help of 3M Window Film in the home.

3M Window Safety Film offers homeowners a wealth of benefits, including crime prevention by impeding quick entry through windowpanes and glass door and by providing protection against severe weather and other accidents by minimizing flying glass due to breakage. Available in clear safety film or tinted for sun control, 3M’s Window Safety Film provides a difficult to penetrate barrier, even after the glass has been broken. While the number of burglaries committed in the Orlando area has decreased in the last five years, the mean is still double that of the national average with over 1,700 burglaries occurring per 100,000 people in Orlando in 2011. By extending the time it takes to break and enter a household, 3M Window Safety Film deters criminals from following through with the act. Local News with Channel 9 reported on the subject, highlighting the benefits of 3M Window Safety Film, showing Central Florida residents just how effective this seemingly simple layer of sticky paper can be.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to be prepared and take care of your loved ones in the best ways that you can. The storm season has already seen a pickup and experts don’t anticipate a lull before it ends in November, and the coming holidays of Labor Day and Halloween often see a spike in crime rates in residential areas. So, do your family a favor and equip your home with 3M Window Safety Film, provided and installed by the experts at Orlando Window Tint Specialists. The professionals at Orlando Window Tinting Specialists have made it even easier to offer the security of 3M Window Safety Film with online purchasing and gift buying options now available on their website using any major credit card. Now you can give the gift of savings to your family. Save on energy costs. Save on storm repairs. Save on the possibility of a burglary.