No Love For Bugs – Use Paint Protection Film

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 17:49 -- admin

There’s a lot to be said about change come September, every year. Summer has just ended and fall is underway. Football season has started and in more northern parts of the world the leaves have started to turn. For a Floridian, however, September also means the second annual annoyance of lovebugs is slowly migrating towards our windshields. While the sentiment of a lovebug seems sweet, there’s nothing to love about a blanket of dead insects covering car, deteriorating your paint and simply ruining your day and your biggest investment… your car!

Also called junebugs, lovebugs drift south twice per year – once in the spring and once in the summer – with each migration period lasting four to five weeks long. Their semi-annual presence has become more than a nuisance to Florida motorists, all bugged by the drifting mass of black and red bodies as migration numbers exceed hundreds of thousands. These masses of airborne insects are known for their highway affinity, and as they exist roadside, they die on impact. Hit by oncoming traffic, sticking to your windshields, hoods, grills and any other part of your car they come in contact with, lovebugs become an unwanted automotive accessory.

Leave them on your car for more than an hour, and you’re on the road to accruing damaging and depreciating your vehicles value considerable amounts. In addition to the danger of clogging your radiator, the body chemistry of a lovebug becomes more acidic the longer it’s left on your car. A dead adult lovebug can cause pits and etches in car paint and chrome after just one hour. Lovebug adults are also highly attracted to light-colored surfaces, making your bright white collectible an ugly, spotted eyesore in less than a day.

Luckily, there is hope. And it doesn’t involve extinction of the species. Genius inventors of film fame at 3M offer Paint Protection Film (PPF) for the precise purpose of keeping your vehicle’s surface clean and carcass-free. Innovative and durable, 3M PPF is safe and tough enough for your car’s protection. It’s also completely transparent, meaning this urethane film will cover your car’s entire surface without shrinking, peeling or cracking, offering the ultimate protective layer, while remaining unseen to the naked eye.

For expert installation, turn to Orlando Window Tint Specialists for 3M Paint Protection Film. We work with 3M exclusively to provide our customers with the best vehicle protection all year long, because we know your car is constantly under fire, taking hits from rocks on the road, debris, sand, damaging UV rays and more. Our years of trusted industry experience assure you receive near-perfect application, every time.

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