To tint or not to tint: Orlando Window Tint Specialists discusses benefits of 3M automotive tint

Wed, 06/20/2012 - 00:56 -- admin

While the information and statistics specific to each type of film is great for helping you choose between automotive window film types, what if someone you know is on the fence about whether to tint their car at all? Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits of having your vehicle tinted.

  • Automotive window tint fights heat.
    Probably the most common reason someone may have window film installed on their car is the heat factor. Especially in the unrelenting Central Florida sun, blocking out some of the heat is going to make a huge difference in the comfort level of your daily commute.
  • Window film can look great
    When professionally installed, window film can give your car’s appearance that extra hint of class and visual appeal.
  • Tint adds privacy to your car.
    Whether you hate the feeling of driving around in a bubble, or need to store things in your car such as electronics, sound systems, or tools that you’d rather every passerby didn’t see, automotive window film can help curtain off your backseat from prying eyes.
  • Automotive window film protects your car’s interior
    We’ve all see the cars with cracked dashboards, crumbling steering wheels, and leather seats pulling apart at the seams. All of this sun damage can be prevented by installing window film that offers UV protection.
  • Window film protects your skin
    Why stop at just protecting your car? The UV protection in window film will also protect your skin from sunburns and long term skin damage that can turn into skin cancer. 3M automotive films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective UV protectants.
  • It reduces glare
    Driving into the sun during the morning or afternoon can irritate your eyes and cause you to miss seeing other cars or objects in mirrors. If you frequently pull down your visor and religiously wear your sunglasses during your commute, window film can help soften those bright spots to a more tolerable level.
  • It increases safety from glass
    If you’ve ever seen a car accident, you know the first thing to break is the glass. Central Florida’s roads are covered in tiny shards that have built up over the years. Applying window film to your car’s glass can help hold the pieces together in case of an accident, reducing your risk of injury.


Whether you love it for the looks, need it for the heat or glare, or are looking to protect yourself from sun damage and glass, automotive window tint provides a range of benefits to fit most situations. If you like the safety and heat benefits of film, but aren’t so sure about darkening the look of your car, take a look at our clear window film. Today’s automotive window film has an solution for everyone’s needs.


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