Commercial Window Tint Savings

OUC Rebate

Installing solar window films on pre-existing buildings helps reflect the heat during hot summer days and assists in retaining heat on frigid winter days. Your cooling and heating unit(s) will become more efficient. This program is applicable to commercial improvements projects. To qualify, shading Coefficient (SC) of film or screen must be 0.5 or less. OUC will give you a rebate of $1 per installed square foot, up to $15,000 for your commercial window film.

Download: OUC Commercial Window Film Rebate Form

Progress Rebate

WWhen window film and solar screen is used on windows facing east, west or south increases energy efficiency by reducing the amount of interior heat gain from the sun. Incentives for installing qualified shading coefficient (SC)* film on your windows facing south, east and west are available from Progress Energy. The window film or solar screen upgrade incentive of 75 cents per square foot helps to offset the cost of installation.

Note: To qualify for Progress Energy Savings, one must first complete a business energy check.

Download: the Progress Energy Commercial Window Film Rebate Brochure