Commercial Window Film Options

Our experience confirms 3M is the best commercial window film.

3M Window Films are the best at reducing hot spots and glare but also aid in energy savings and UV protection. Commercial window films reduce fading and provide UV protection. If that wasn't enough, they improve window safety from possible intrusion and severe weather.

3M Affinity 15

A dual reflective silver window tint that offers high performance heat rejection. The reflective appearance offers privacy from passer-bys, as well as reduces the glare and eye discomfort your family and guests may experience inside your home.

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3M Night Vision

Designed to be less reflective from inside and outside of your home while still providing fantastic heat rejection results. The lack of view-altering dye means you'll have enhanced visibility and a high glare reduction, all while getting a natural look.

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3M Prestige

The ultimate window film for lakefront properties and luxury homes that would love to keep their beautiful views while blocking out the heat. It's the #1 film approved by gated communities and Home Owners Associations, and it blocks up to 97% of the infrared heat.

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