Residential Safety Window Film


Windows are an easy access point for burglars and thieves. Smash and grabs are the largest form of in home burglary. Specialized window films can prevent smash and grabs in your home. A thicker, more durable product acts as a barrier and can hold up against hammers, crowbars, cinder blocks and other commonly used weapons for entry into your home. Safety films are available in a variety of darkness levels and reflectivity. There are a few different techniques used to install the window films that can add strength and protection to your home. Review our 3M residential window film options and schedule a custom in home consultation on how safety film can protect you, your belongings and the ones you love.

Wind Protection

Hurricanes and tornadoes throw large heavy objects into the air and often times they end up smashing your windows! Once the integrity of your home is compromised through the loss of your windows, the hole acts as a funnel that pulls in the air and eventually leads to the loss of your roof. Hurricane Shutters, Plywood, and other inventions are used to strengthen glass during disastrous windstorms.

Window film can help keep your windows intact. Miami-Dade County specifications are established to qualify window films for their resilience and durability to withstand projectiles and windborne debris. There are a few different installation techniques used to attach these films to your windows to ensure proper security and some are required to meet the testing requirements. Review our 3M residential window film options schedule a custom in home consultation on how window film can help secure your home and protect your family during the next Central Florida windstorm.