OUC Residential Window Film Rebate

Orlando Window Tint Specialists provides window films that qualify for the OUC Window Film rebates. You will receive $1 per installed square foot of window film up to $200. The Shading Coefficient must be .5 or less. Ask your representative from Orlando Window Tint Specialists to show you the qualifying window films that allow you to get the OUC window Film rebate.

Download: OUC Residential Window Film Rebate Form

Progress Energy Residential Window Film Rebate

To obtain your Progress Energy window film rebate you are required to complete a Home Energy Check BEFORE installation of the window film. Installation must be according to Progress Energy standards by a contractor meeting all Progress Energy requirements:

  • The residence must have whole-house electric air conditioning to be eligible.
  • The window film must have a shading coefficient of less than or equal to 0.45 or a solar heat gain coefficient of equal to or less than 0.40.
  • The Window film or screen must be installed on all windows facing east, west and south. (This does not include decorative glass that covers less than 15% of the total glass area.)

Progress Energy will give you a rebate of 50% of the cost of the installation up to $100.

Review: Home Energy Check Site Rebate Info Site