3M Residential Window Film Options

Our experience confirms 3M is the best residential window film.

3M carries a know reputation for American Made quality you rely on day in and day out. This is why typically you can’t step more than a few feet without touching a quality 3M product in your home or office. Five businessmen founded 3M in Two Harbors, Minnesota, in 1902. 3M is fundamentally a science-based company. 3M produces thousands of imaginative products, and is a leader in scores of markets - from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives. For years, people around the world have looked to 3M for products and ideas that solve problems and make their lives easier and better. These achievements are the foundation of a proud past and the bright future of many innovations to come. 3M follows a business model based on "the ability to not only develop unique products, but also to manufacture them efficiently and consistently around the world".

This is how we know 3M Window Films are the best. 3M Window Films will reduce hot and cold spots in your home by blocking heat gain in the rooms your air handler normally cannot keep up with. Our Window Films will reduce or eliminate the annoying glare that causes discomfort and irritation whether it been seasonal or year round. Installed window films will aid in energy savings reducing your electric costs by up to 30% on average. Home window tinting reduces fading and provides up to 99.9% Ultra Violet light protection. If that wasn't enough, they can improve window safety from possible intrusion and severe weather.

3M Affinity 15

This is our entry level film equivalent to or surpassing most films available on the market in performance. A dual reflective silver window tint that is shiny from the exterior. This window film offers high performance heat rejection. The reflective appearance offers privacy from neighbors, as well as reduces the glare and discomforts your family and guests may experience inside your home. This film has a 79% total solar energy reduction and a 99% Ultra Violet light protection.

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3M Night Vision

A metal based low reflectivity gives this film a unique look from the interior and exterior. From the inside this film filters light while not appearing dark preserving your day time and night time views. From the exterior, this film will have a slightly glossy, polished look, giving your windows the appearance they have just been cleaned without looking shiny or mirrored. The lack of view-altering dye means you'll have enhanced visibility and a high glare reduction, all while getting a natural look. This film is the cost effective alternative to the Prestige Window Films. This film has a high heat rejection up to 70% total solar energy rejection and a 99.9% UV Protection while still providing fantastic heat rejection results.

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3M Prestige

The only window film solution for maximum heat rejection, maximum ultra violet light protection and maximum visibility, all without color or reflectivity! This window film is perfect for lakefront properties and luxury homes that want a heat rejecting film without the 
“cave like look”. State of the art the Prestige film is over 200 layers of patented nano-technoly unlike any other window film in the world. 3M prestige window film will invisibly preserve and enhance beautiful views while blocking out the heat. It's the #1 film approved by gated communities and Home Owners Associations. It blocks up to 97% of the infrared heat and keeps out 99.9% of the Ultra Violet Light.

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3M Frosted

The 3M frosted window films are a perfect solution for eliminating peering eyes in private areas like bathrooms and front door ways. These frosted films are unique in patterns and transparency and are available in over 50 styles unique to 3M dealers. The frosted window films are most commonly installed in bathroom showers, windows in showers and toilet areas, windows that overlook changing areas and closets, front entry ways, and pool bath doors. This is simple, clean, hassle free solution that works both day and night to provide complete privacy. This the #1 alternative to cumbersome blinds and window coverings.

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